Ste Foy – A Hidden Gem

The best of both worlds. 

That’s what you get in Sainte Foy.

This little town, often overlooked as a holiday destination, has a lot to offer.
Ste Foy ski resort has been designed to recreate a typical alpine village. The chalets that nestle amongst the trees in their south-west-facing bowl have all been built in traditional style, with pitched roofs and wooden balconies, using local stone and wood.

It’s neighbouring resorts, such as Tignes and Val d’Isere, are bustling tourist honeypot sites, well known for their skiing. More often than not they’re the regarded as the best resorts in the Tarentaise area. However, what if I told you Sainte Foy was just as good?

Not only does St Foy offer a traditional alpine resort feel, it also offers some amazing ski terrain… If you know where to look. Fortunately, we do!

The Fogliette backcountry run is one of our favourites. After buy propecia no prescription taking the Col de l’Aguille chairlift there’s a short walk to reach the start of this beautiful off-piste run. The north-facing slope has plenty of fun and challenging aspects, including; cliff drops, powder fields and steeps. Val Heliski offer many packages from Ste Foy that you can see here: http://valheliski.com/packages-2/


It’s not just the skiing that makes Saint Foy great. There’s so much more to this resort.
From River-rafting to archery, hiking to horse-riding Sainte Foy has it all. Although, I’ve only scratched the surface, you can see a total list of activities here: http://www.saintefoy-tarentaise.com/english/category/activities/

However, If this all becomes too much for you, there are two spas to help you unwind, multiple walking routes in the local area, or you could take a trip over to the cheese maker to taste some of the unique cheeses they make.


A Beginner’s Guide To Heliskiing.



Jumping 20ft from a helicopter, straight into neck-deep powder then navigating your way down almost vertical slopes until you end up exhausted at the bottom of the mountain.

Sounds like a bit too much?

Yeah, we thought so too.

That’s why we put together this “Beginner’s Guide To Heliskiing”, to introduce you to this amazing sport and dispel any ludicrous claims that seem to surround it. Thanks to James Bond films, the Extreme Sports TV channel and some wonderful imaginations we’ve heard all kinds of rumours that are completely untrue.

Think you’re not good enough? Think you’ll hold up the group? Think you may not be able to hack the off-piste? Read on and I’ll tell you why you’d be just fine.




Many people consider heliskiing to be reserved for professionals or the very rich. That’s not the case. Admittedly, it is not cheap at €399. However it’s one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. Being in untouched snow, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and without a lift queue in sight… That’s priceless!

Now here’s what it doesn’t involve:

Having to tackle extreme, steep slopes. – Our guides tailor the routes/speed to suit you, so you’ll never be out of your comfort zone – unless you want to push yourself!
Racing your group to the bottom. – Again, our guides are on hand to tailor the day to YOUR preferences.
Using poor quality hire equipment. – Forget using ancient equipment from local ski hire shops, we offer the most sophisticated safety equipment, training on how to use them and the option of using current equipment from our ski test centre.
Jumping out of a helicopter. – Calm down Mr Bond, there’ll be no jumping out of helicopters here. Instead We’ll set you down on a flat area, where you simply step out of the helicopter.


If you want any more information of what heliskiing includes, have a look at our page http://valheliski.com/why-heliski/




Here’s a typical day-in-the-life of a Val Heliski customer. (Times/activities vary slightly depending on package).

7:30AM: Check into the Val Heliski desk in your resort. (Little earlier if you’re renting equipment).

8.30AM: Val Heliski VW Caravelle minibus will take you to the relevant heli port or La Rosière ski resort where you will meet your heli guide (depending on your package choice).

You’ll then get kitted out with a backpack and necessary klonopin backcountry snow equipment, and you’ll have a heli ski introduction talk with your guide, which includes transceiver training and a safety brief.

There’ll be an assessment of your group’s ability on and off the piste, and if needed – or asked for – some instruction on your technique.

Then you’ll fly out to your designated drop zone, you’ll step out of the heli after which it will take off and your group will suddenly find itself at the top of a stunning, remote mountain!

The only thing left to do is to ski or snowboard down it, following your guide as they show you the best lines and untracked snow.  Each run takes between an hour and a half and two hours and there’s plenty of opportunity to


AFTERNOON: Depending on your route (which you’ll discuss with your guide), you’ll either ski or snowboard to a pick up point, where the helicopter will pick you up and then it’ll bring you back to France to either our Yurt – where you can enjoy a selection of locally-produced dishes – or our private helipad or your resort heliport. Alternatively, for some routes it’s possible for your guide to get you back to France on skis or a snowboard, and they’ll radio ahead so we can come and collect you from a designated pick up area. This often works well in deepest winter when the snow allows us to ski and snowboard way down to the valley floor.

At this point you’ll have the option of having a late lunch at one of Val Heliski’s recommended restaurants, or at our Wilderness Yurt.

There’s also the option of freeskiing at La Rosiere resort if your guide’s chosen route ends up there, and if you have any time left in the day (the lifts close at 4pm December and January, 4:30pm February, and 5pm March and April).

4.30PM – 6PM: Après ski party – The Val HeliSki VW Caravelle minibus will take you back to our favourite après ski bar to watch video footage of your day on the big screen. It’s the perfect chance to invite friends and family!

6PM – LATE: RELAX! Find your own way to put an end to one of the best days of your life!

Snow Report

It’s Easter Week, and we’re STILL heliskiing! Although the resorts are winding down, the Italian backcountry isn’t ready to relinquish its hold on amazing off-piste descents. Our latest heli area has one of our cheapest drops, so don’t miss out on these unbelievable conditions as we go full steam ahead into the end of the ski season.

Check out these photos from a heliski trip this past Friday near La Thuile, Italy:





Green with envy? There’s still plenty of time! Book with us today to reserve your Easter holiday heliski trip of a lifetime. Don’t miss out on the spring conditions in Italy, where the snow is aplenty and the sun looks like it’ll be shining for the remainder of the week. We know how amazing the experience is at this time of year, and you can find out for yourself!

Val Heliski Hosts Ski Club of Great Britain

Last week, Val Heliski hosted an amazing day with a dozen keen skiers from our friends, the Ski Club of Great Britain. The fresh snow made conditions ideal for heliskiing in Courmayeur, where the group did two descents.

A VHS representative met the group at the base of La Rosiere, and then skied with them to meet the guides in La Thuile, the Italian side of the Espace San Bernardo.



The guides then drove everyone to the helipad, where they split into 3 separate groups to start heliskiing. The groups consisted of 3 Ski Club members and one UGAIM Italian guide.



Each group then departed amidst clear, sunny skies and headed toward their descents. One of them had this spectacular view of the Italian side of Mont Blanc and the Giant’s Tooth (to the right):



After their two drops, buy propecia online in uk with the descents totalling 1,500-2,000 vertical meters and lasting about an hour each, the skiers were greeted by a Skidoo at the bottom of the valley to tow them across flat terrain to lunch at a local mountain restaurant.


Imagine your après-ski lunch with that view!


At the end of the day, the guides drove the group back to La Thuile, where a VHS staff member met them and skied with them back to La Rosiere. It was a full day with everyone making first AND last lifts. An aprés drink at a slopeside bar was a relaxing reward for a day of hard skiing for all. We can’t wait to do up again with the Ski Club of GB!

IMG_3531Did we mention that the view on the ski home is breathtaking as well?

Snow Report

Can you believe it’s April already? We think the season’s been flying by…literally. If you haven’t heliskied with us yet, don’t hesitate any longer. This is the time to take the leap and make your ski season one to remember! The temperatures are gorgeous, the snow is holding on in Italy, and the rush of adrenaline is still here when you climb into the helicopter and head off to your descent from one of the most beautiful peaks in the region. Send us an email at info@valheliski.com or call us on +33 (0)6 45 48 08 59 for up to date info and prices!

The Aosta Valley is looking at up to 6cm of fresh flakes starting tomorrow. We’re expecting precipitation across the Savoie toward the end of the week, which will hopefully improve the “spring snow” conditions in Tignes and Val d’Isere (according to our friends at Snow-Forecast.com). Although the off-piste order propecia online cheap conditions might seem less than ideal compared to the pistes in resorts across France, remember that the backcountry snow in Italy has been accumulating over the course of the last few months and has lasted much longer due to a deeper base. But if you’re looking at the skies, some flakes are forecasted over the next 10 days.

As the season enters spring across the region, Courchevel is busy preparing for tomorrow’s 3 Valley Rally, a popular challenge among seasonaires that features stations spanning the area with tasks that each team must complete. Skiers and snowboarders are invited to put their game faces on and compete for the title of the fastest, hardiest team in the 3 Valleys! Check out My-Courchevel for more info. What are you doing to celebrate spring in (or out of) resort? We hope heliskiing!


Snow Report

Yesterday we hosted the Ski Club of Great Britain for some exciting heliskiing on an amazing bluebird day in the Alps. The dozen group members were some of the most dedicated we’ve had, and the conditions complemented their ability. Thanks to the snow earlier in the week, the cover was replenished and meant that the descents were even more epic than the ones we had last week. More snow made for gorgeous runs in Courmayeur!

We’re looking forward to more sunny days this weekend, with chances of precipitation in the Espace Killy, the Aosta Valley, and Les 3 Vallees over the next 48 hours. After our nearly buy propecia 1mg 2-week sun streak, more flakes are a very welcome prospect–the Alps are expecting some more snow toward the middle of next week, but we’ll of course keep you informed across various social media about what’s going on and what to expect, especially as the Easter holiday gets closer.


We had an awesome second night with Dragon! The fire was as warm as it looks in this photo (featuring ace photographer, Sam Mellish, left) and both groups had a great experience in the cozy refuge overlooking the Paradiski region. For more photos of Dragon Alliance in the wilderness refuge with the VHS team, check out http://sammellishphotography.co.uk/.

Snow (and fun!) Report

In true celebration style, we had a group of heliskiiers go up on St. Patrick’s Day, which was just this past Monday. The conditions in the Col de Petit St. Bernard were spring-like, which made for sunny, pleasant descents. The snow was easy to ski and the shady couloirs were a relief during the unusually hot temperatures we experienced. According to the mountain guide and pilot, it was an astonishing 10 degrees at 4,000 meters!

IMG_3841Our guide lays out the skis after the helicopter departs, leaving the group atop an Italian peak just over the border from France.

More snow is expected this weekend, and the Aosta Valley is looking to get upwards of 5 inches of snow up high. The replenishing of snow buy ropecia will make heliskiing that much better with a dusting of powder on a base that has been well-developed all season. We’re forecasting temps above freezing with minimal wind and plenty of sun for the rest of the week–prime heliskiing conditions!

Post-helisking, Val Heliski hosted the Dragon Alliance on Monday night at a secluded mountain refuge. The guests hiked up after a jam-packed day of splitboarding around Sainte Foy, one of our favorite resorts in the Tarentaise. Our staff welcomed the group with a filling dinner, wine, and good company during their overnight stay in the refurnished refuge. When they departed the next morning, the smiling faces were endless. Bon voyage!


Snow Report

…and the sun keeps on shining! There isn’t much to report on this week, as the conditions haven’t seen too many changes since they were last reported on.

There are rumors of flakes falling this weekend in Les 3 Vallées, which are needed to replenish the melting snow–especially off-piste. The skies look clear for the foreseeable future in the Aosta Valley, meaning we can anticipate some bright and sunny heliskiing!

What does all of this ordering propecia sunshine mean for the conditions for the rest of the season? The higher, north-facing slopes will retain the most snow, and the consistent and plentiful snowfall in Italy all season has prepared our heliski areas to handle the influx of warm temperatures. Don’t let the melting fool you–we’re sending up helicopters regularly for epic heliskiing. Some of the best experiences of the year are yet to come!

Snow Report


If you got first lifts–or first helicopters–this morning somewhere in the Alps, chances are you’re in for a pretty amazing day of skiing. Thankfully, the base that has been building up in Italy all winter will provide excellent heliskiing conditions for the foreseeable future and should withstand the rising temps throughout the next week (did we hear 18°C on the way?!).

Really, the spring is the time to take advantage of the glorious sunshine and soft snow on the slopes. What’s better than getting cheap propecia 1mg some endorphins going while heliskiing during some of the warmest weather of the year? Not much, in our opinion.

If you’re in resort this week (or just wishing you were), check out the webcams in Val d’Isere and Sainte Foy for some inspiring visuals of the mountains!

Remember to see our representatives in resort if you have any questions about our packages, the snow conditions, or anything else heliski-related. They are happy to provide you with some info or point you in the right direction!


Get to the Chopper

You heard GQ! Thanks for the shoutout from our friend, Simon Mills, for his article on his experience with Val Heliski.

Follow Simon’s lead and book order propecia online india with us for an epic day including an airport transfer from Geneva, drops into untouched backcountry powder, and secluded snack stops on the mountain.