At press time there is plenty to say for what’s going in the Isere Valley: the weather has been frankly gorgeous for the past few days, holiday makers are starting to flock in, and there is a buzz of excitement for the potential of the season ahead.


However, though the weather has been incontestably warm and bluebird throughout the daytime, the quantity of snow is to be desired upon. Since the main dump we had a couple weeks ago, people have capitalised on the chance to make fresh tracks mainly in Tignes, but since then what was fresh pow has become a crusty frozen layer. Those with 105mm underfoot skis are best off holding out until we have more snow. You can hopefully expect to see snow by mid-next week, however rumours have been floating around that it could even be as late as January that the next big dump arrives. Forecast for the steep and deep are looking a little bleak, but meanwhile we can enjoy the beautiful weather!


6-day forecasts are sunny and hot, so if piste skiing and a few genepés at lunch is your bag you are most definitely in luck. The emptiness of the slopes is also in your favour, so make the most of it before we are joined by the world and his dog. For those order propecia uk with Espace Killy passes, take advantage of the sun by starting off on the Tignes side (Glacier and Les Lanches areas are nice in the am) or for Val d’Isere the pistes above Solaise near Leissieres (the up-and-over). Come the afternoon, it’s best to avoid Val Claret, as its cold in the shade and queue lifts start to build up fast as everyone starts seeking the sun. Stick instead to the VD glacier or the pistes running down from Marmottes.


In other news the social scene is buzzing (and has been for the past few weeks) with a quality event going on every night without fail. Dicks Tea Bar and Chalet Doudoune have been leading the way with seasonnaire parties, numerous themes, and packed venues…all finished far past bedtime. If you’re planning on coming out to party, you wont be disappointed. Casual drinks out have also been buzzing, with Saloon Bar and Le Petit Danois proving great music and a buzzing atmosphere (for après) highly recommend.


Overall, partying and piste skiing could not be better, but the freeriders amongst us, keep posted. Not long to go for snow!