Prices / Group Size For Heliskiing / Reverse Heliskiing Packages:

Paying to go heliskiing isn’t like paying to get onto a public bus; you have to consider the amount of seats in a helicopter (4 or 5 depending on the helicopter chosen). An empty seat is a waste of such a unique and sought-after experience. Therefore we always try to fill empty seats. This is why we provide you with two payment options when booking (one for a group of 4/5 persons and one for a group of 1-3 persons).

You can book as a group of 1-3 persons and we would fill the extra seat ourselves – This is a shared helicopter experience. Or you could book as a group of 4/5 persons and have the helicopter to yourselves – This is a private helicopter experience. Alternatively, if you were a group of 1-3 wanting a private helicopter; you could pay for a private helicopter (4/5 persons) at the reduced per person rate and then fill the seat last minute or we will send up a Val Heliski staff member as an added buying propecia online benefit to your group.

Further details have been outlined below:

• Heliskiing requires full groups ( 4 or 5 persons ) to allow a helicopter to fly

• Reverse Heliskiing requires full groups ( 4 persons ) to allow a helicopter to fly.

• It is possible to book as an incomplete group ( 1 to 3 persons ) although you will have to pay for the empty seats. Look at individual package details to see which packages can be booked by incomplete groups and the respective prices.

• The Deluxe heliskiing packages are for a minimum of 3 persons and a maximum of 5.

• It is prudent to book as a full group of 4 or 5 persons to avoid compromising on ability level and enjoy a private experience

• Any incomplete groups either (1) pay for the empty seats (2) find a complete group before you arrive in resort (3) come to our drinks night in your local resort every Monday 4.30pm to 7.30pm to find like-minded people to go with

• Refer to individual package details to see it’s group sizes and respective prices