Sunshine and high temperatures have ruled the last week, with some great skiing to be had. Amazing spring corn is there for those who know how to find it, with friends and colleagues even saying they’ve had some of their best turns of the season. The weather has changed today however, with a cold front coming in and temperatures plummeting to -10 degrees. 8cm of snow is forecast for Wednesday and then it’s set to return to blue skies, low wind and a more comfortable temperature. With the advantage of being so high in the Espace Killy, almost all runs are still open, and there are still 3 weeks left to come and play before the season ends.

Backcountry conditions still have plenty to offer, with spring corn in abundance and chalky snow on the north faces. Be sure to make the most out of your buy propecia generic online stay, by taking one of our guides, who know the best spots for this time of year with the current conditions.

Typical spring snow is found on the lower pistes, with good skiing in the morning. However, they are very chopped up by the afternoon. Higher up, the snow has not transformed so much, and good skiing can be had throughout the day. With the holiday period over, there are very few people on the mountain, making it the perfect time for a nice relaxing holiday.

Heliski conditions are still good and may well be great again after the next snowfall. With access to the highest peaks in the Alps, we can guarantee the best conditions to be had. With only three weeks left, now is your last chance to get one last adventure in before the end of the season.