Fornet Trees

Spring is officially here!

We are past that time of year of dark mornings and short days; and at ValHeliSki, we love that! Since our last blog post, we’ve received even more blessings from the Snow Gods, and it’s forecast to continue over the next few days.

Over a metre of the wonderful white stuff has fallen in the last week and another metre is forecast to fall in the days ahead. The weather is then set to return to beautiful blue skies, allowing us to take full advantage of all this snow!

Gaps in the the weather have enabled me to ski all over the resort this week. With better visibility up top, the highlight was skiing Point De La Sana, which has been on the bucket list for quite some time. In periods of low visibility i’ve been sticking to the tree runs of Fornet and Les Boisses, where deep pillows runs are found in abundance.




As always, with all this snow, the avalanche risk is still high at 3/5. Make sure to have your transceiver and ABS pack order cheap propecia online with shovel and probe. We also thoroughly recommend going out with an experienced guide to ensure the highest levels of safety; but also to make use of their vast knowledge of the best places to ski with the current conditions.

Piste quality is still very good, with soft, grippy snow being found all over the mountain. With half term over, and much quieter pistes, they are staying in great condition throughout the morning and into the afternoon.

For you Powder Junkies, Heliski / boarding conditions are still unbelievable. Departing from your chalet in the Tarentaise Valley, we will head to Italy, where runs of over 2500 vertical metres are possible with the safety of your fully certified IFMGA Mountain Guide. We believe that with the skies set to go blue from next week, there will not be a better time this season to jump in the Heli. Last week, we were featured on Fall-line.co.uk  as one of the best companies to go Heli-skiing in Europe. You can check out the article here – http://www.fall-line.co.uk/six-places-can-go-heli-skiing-right-europe/