After a few weeks of no snow fall, and unusually high temperatures for February, laying down those fresh tracks we’re all after, has been nothing but a pipe dream. However, that dream is now a reality, with 38cm falling on tuesday and a further 20cm on wednesday.

I have stuck to skiing the tree runs in Les Boisses and Fornet, due to the high winds and poor visibility up top, and the skiing has been fantastic! Be aware that due to the wind, we have lots of wind loaded snow, and advise precaution if venturing to higher elevations.

The avalanche risk is currently at 3/5, so please make sure you have the correct equipment, and do not venture into unknown territory without an experienced guide.

Looking ahead, more snow is forecast throughout the week, with some sunny spells and another big dump over the weekend!


 Pillows in the Fornet trees

The pistes are in fantastic conditions with the recent snowfall, filling in where rocks were starting to appear. If you love your carving, be sure to grab the first lifts to make the most of the hard work put in over night by the pisteurs.

Heli ski conditions are set to be as good as they can be ( EPIC! ) as soon as it settles down in terms avalanche risk. Looking towards next week, when the weather settles, you will not find better conditions to jump in the heli and shred the endless untouched powder.