Want to decide if heliskiing is for you? Do you like the following…

  • Guaranteed fresh tracks?
  • Getting away from crowded pistes and skiing or snowboarding on pristine, virgin powder?
  • Not standing in long lift queues?
  • Cruising along in the stunning, untouched Alps where there’s a high chance of spotting Marmots, Ibexes, the Royal Eagle, Black Grouse, the Great Horned Owl, the Tridactyl Woodpecker, the Blue Thistle, Linnaea Borealis or Snow Foxes, Snow Hares, the Piedmont Primrose, and even Chamois?
  • Having the chance to photograph the backcountry scenery: mountains as they’ve looked for millions of years?
  • Riding in a helicopter over untouched valleys, cliffs, forests and mountain tops much like the opening credits of the BBC’s Planet Earth?
  • Experiencing the best snow of your buy generic propecia india life with some of the most fun guides operating in the mountains?
  • Having a picnic consisting of locally-sourced cheeses, breads, meats and wines, in the middle of valleys that turn into cow pastures in the summer?
  • Sharing the day with like-minded skiers and snowboarders all intent on getting fresh tracks and having fun?
  • Finishing the day with a mini celebration, and getting ready to carry on in one of the nearby world-class ski resorts?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to most of the above, you’re ready to come heliskiing with us at Val Heliski. If you answered ‘no’, then you should come anyway and we’ll try and change your mind! The cheese selection is out-of-this-world.