2, 3 or 5 Days Off Piste and Heliski Programme

What ever the weather we have a huge variety of exciting off piste adventures and are ready at a moments notice when the sun appears for as much vertical from the helicopter as you are willing to join us for. Looking for total immersion off piste – best snow, safe and fun, off the beaten track pushing your limits a little sound good? With our experienced and knowledgeable on snow and ground team we have a catalogue of off piste ski and snowboard activities to test and enhance your backcountry skills and knowledge. We never know in advance what conditions and weather you will be dealt so we prefer you just nominate and book the number of days you would like with your val heliski guide / instructor and we will build a programme based on our on and off menu activities around your preferences, fitness, ability, budget and most importantly the conditions. Advanced booking is crucial as we get booked out well in advance.

Resorts: All except Morzine

Group Info: private groups of 4-6 people.

Price: 600€ per day based on a private group booking of 4 -6 people. Plus tweaks.

Whats’ Included: briefing and transceiver training, UIAMG mountain guide / Instructor for the days booked, transceiver shovel and probe, programme created by our team.

Skiing/Snowboarding: Both.

Piste and Off Piste Available: both possible but experience off piste is required.

Off Piste Level: Beginner, intermediate and advanced programmes available.

Duration(s): 2-7 day programme is available keeping your Guide / Instructor throughout where possible.

Typical Programme:

  • Day 1: transceiver training and safety kit instruction followed by a piste and off piste warm up and assessment. Followed by a days off piste around your ski resort finding best snow and improving off piste technique and mountain safety.
  • Day 2: full day of off piste and perhaps a heli pick up from a remote off piste location of weather and preferences suit.
  • Day 3: ski touring / splitboards touring day around your local resort. Intro to or experienced programmes available.
  • Day 4 and 5: two heliski days in two of our different heliski zones offering completely different terrain and backcountry options. Afternoons spent doing off piste with your guide or celebrating in a rustic mountain restaurant. Or somewhere more show stopping such as the Folie Douce or Cap Horn.

From: €600 per day

Choose Package and Tweaks:

ABS Pack Hire – Per Day

If you don’t have your own air bag back pack we highly recommend you hire one for all off piste activities and it’s compulsory for heliskiing / boarding. Includes transceiver, shovel and probe.

ABS Pack Hire – Per Week

Hire your ABS Pack for 6/7 days and save. Includes transceiver, shovel and probe.

Edited GoPro Video Of Your Trip

A fun edit of your experience to relive the moment and impress your friends and family.

Keep your Mountain Guide or Instructor for Extra Days of Your Trip

Most of our clients now take one or several of our instructors or mountain guides for their group to enjoy piste and/or off piste for several day of their trip. Snow time with a professional allows you to relax in good hands, explore further than you would normally venture and experience terrain off the beaten track. We pride ourselves on ALWAYS teaching you thoroughly how to use your safety kit, tips on technique and mountain safety are all part of your experience with us

Additional Drop

If you just don’t want to stop it’s easy to add extra drops in advance or on the day. Everyone in the helicopter must agree (€270 per person). Includes a 10% discount for the multiday package

Heli pick up

Deemed necessary and paid for on the day.

Night in a refuge

300€ per group per night plus the refuge fees.

VHS minibus transfers

Return minibus transport from your resort to the VHS Meeting Point, where the package starts. It is essential that you have your own transport to access the Meeting Point, or you use our minibus or helicopter transfers.

Resort helicopter transfers direct to the heliski area

One-way helicopter transfers. Prices are for a helicopter of up to 4/5 pax

How it works:
You book, pay for as a deposit, and use your guide : instructor for the number of days requested (550€ per group per day). Regardless of weather and conditions they will find the best possible snow using whatever methods they recommend and you prefer. If it’s heliskiing/ boarding your heart desires we will fit in a much vertical as your pockets and fitness will allow. If it’s a mix of heli and off piste of course you can also mix in touring, classic off piste, reverse heliskiing too. That’s why we don’t barge for anything over and above the guide until your programme is confirmed with us at the beginning of your trip with us. You never pay for a heli you haven’t had.

We are a dynamic business and very happy to move and change with weather and conditions over. Hence adding more or less heliskiing around the weather and conditions and substituting other off piste activities is our forte with mutual aim to get you in the steel and deep where ever possible in a safe, fun and knowledgable environment.

Our multiday packages afford a 10% discount on heli drops.