Tour solo Tignes 1800 and Brevieres

Ski touring alone around Tignes 1800 and Tignes les Brevieres.

This was it. The time had finally come for me to head out on a ski tour alone. I was apprehensive, as to be truthful, I had never skied alone. I had only ever skied with an instructor, family or friends- never having to navigate or have any kind of awareness as to where I was going or where I was going to wind up. However, there was something about choosing my own route and pace that I was quite excited about. I had the opportunity to choose slopes and tracks that I wanted to ski, not having to consider anyone else in my group, giving me the ability to create the perfect skiing day out.

However, I ultimately opted to go with a route that I had previously done as I was nervous about my ability to navigate my way around. As I’ve said, I’ve never actually had to know where I was going before, and I felt that exploring whilst trying to work out how to tour was a little much for me to tackle first time.

…there was something about choosing my own route and pace that I was quite excited about.

Ski Tout from Tignes les Brevieres to 1800With all of that decided, I snapped on my boots, set up my bindings and began my descent down- preparing myself for what was sure to be a tricky trek up. Amid my duct-taped ankles and backpacked laced with water and easy-access snacks, I realised that I was actually enjoying this. I was out on my own so I could choose when to slow down, when I wanted to speed up, and when I needed a break and I didn’t feel as though I was letting the side down or making anyone wait for me.

It was defiantly very warm on the way up, and I was beginning to think I should have worn a t-shirt. The words of my previous touring buddy ringing in my ears, “Layers are your best friend”, I should have listened. However, the warm weather was welcome as I continued my tranquil ascent.



…I did enjoy being in my own space and taking everything in my own stride

After touring by myself, I do understand the enjoyment to both touring alone or in company. Whilst there were certainly elements of plugging in my music and going at my own pace, I did somewhat miss the companionship of my partners. They defiantly pushed me to keep going when I wanted to stop, and a voice of encouragement when I wasn’t sure I would make it to the top. However, I did enjoy being in my own space and taking everything in my own stride. I certainly see the appeal of both, and I cannot wait to go out again.


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