The snow just keeps falling in huge quantities over the Espace Killy with over a metre recorded to have fallen over the past 6 days and another 20cm in the forecast for today (Thursday) creating some fantastic skiing conditions.

..But also some dangerous avalanche conditions – play safe out there!


The Tignes pistes are in fantastic conditions with frequent snowfalls and constant grooming overnight leading to perfect pistes being set up in the morning. Please still be aware that many of the higher lifts will be slow to open after large snowfalls as the Ski Patrol teams mitigate the avalanche danger around the pistes.

As has been reported in previous backcountry reports, we have had consistently large amounts of snowfall on a day by day basis in the Espace Killy, this fresh snow has sat on very old melt-freeze snow from the long drought period before and throughout the Christmas period.

Because such a large slab is sitting on such a weak layer below it, we are witnessing a very dangerous snowpack with large slab avalanches being released both naturally and skier triggered on a variety of aspects and elevations – be very aware of this if you’re even thinking of heading off the pistes and don’t even consider doing so without the correct equipment, knowledge and a guide if you feel like you are not suitably experienced to judge the danger of a slope.

Due to all of the above, I have buy generic propecia once again stuck to mellow slopes lower down in the valley below the tree-line as we’re starting to find large quantities of windslab following very high winds higher up in the Alpine which to stress once again – this windslab is sitting on an extremely weak layer below.

Tree lines down towards Les Boisses have been fantastic and if you don’t fancy heading off the side of the pistes then you will still find great visibility down towards Les Boisses as the pistes wind their way through the Boisses forests, creating much improved visibility than that of the Alpine.


After Today’s (Thusday) snowfall, there looks to be a break in the weather with only a smattering of snow falling from Friday – Sunday with the temperatures dropping again with this clear spell over the weekend.

The visibility looks set to improve from Saturday through to Monday which is going to create some great skiing conditions combined with the huge amounts of snow that we’ve received over the past 2 weeks, but please always remember that all the untracked powder is sitting on a dangerously weak layer.

The visibility will also allow you to check the slope above you prior to skiing your line – ensure that nobody is skiing a potentially dangerous slope above you.