Dogs rehomed happy


We are pleased to announce that our owners’ charity work project at the “Val Alpage des Animaux” to rehome abandoned dogs caused by the war in Ukraine has been a big success this summer!

Our 9 rescue dogs from the Romanian / Ukrainian boarder have now all successfully been rehomed both locally in the mountains and in the UK.

The VHS team have been hard at work all summer preparing the Alpage, receiving, caring for/ training and facilitating their adoptions along with a team of friends and dog lovers locally here in the Tarentaise, Savoie.



A message from Claire at Val Heliski


Claire Alpage Rehomed DogThank you so much to our local volunteers, adopters, and very generous donations big and small.

And the biggest thank you to my husband and my 3 amazing children who put their lives and needs aside to help doggies in great need.

We have also taken in other animals along the way that have needed our help.

Currently the living conditions are basic but sufficient and the Alpage allows plenty of outside space and opportunity for the dogs to play together or separate out.

2 legged accommodation is basic but beautifully back to nature, and the french authorities have followed the dogs closely to ensure their safety and comfort.

Whilst there were highs and lows and a lot of experience gained we were lucky enough to create generous positive volunteers and donation community to better the lives of animals and hope to be able to welcome more dogs and some horses in the near future.


Success Story – Taryn

Taryn has found his happy forever home in Tignes


Success Story – Rory

Rory has also found his happy forever home in Tignes


If you can help in any way please send us an email at We would love to hear from you.