Snow Report

Rumor has it that there might be snow in Les 3 Vallees this week! Temperatures are dropping, which means it should feel a little more like January and a little less like March in the Savoie region. We’ll see if Mother Nature can come through as promised! It’s currently clouding over in L’Espace Killy, so we could be sacrificing the bluebird days for flakes very soon. France needs to catch up with the conditions in the Aosta Valley; our Italian compadres are enjoying order propecia us lots of fluffy pow and epic skiing that they don’t want to share.

In the meantime, the VHS staff is preparing to share our partnership with Evolution 2 with the rest of the companies we work with. We are the heliski arm of the outdoor adventure company, and we want to celebrate! So look forward to some photos, tweets, and statuses from our invite-only event (in a wilderness yurt, no less) this week!


Bye bye bluebird, hello snow? We’re okay with that!


Heliskiing IS for you!

One of the common misconceptions about heliskiing is that it’s an activity that requires a master level of ability. However, many of our clients are regular skiers and boarders who are eager and confident! Some off-piste instruction prior to your heliski day will help you make the most of the exceptional conditions in Italy (which are contrary to the somewhat generic propecia usa stark off-piste offerings in France at the moment). You CAN do really amazing things with the terrain we ski, which is accessible for a variety of ability levels.

Need more proof? Check out our clients’ heliski day last week…one of the first of the season!

Snow Report

Sun, sun…and more sun on the horizon as the Saint-Bon-Tarentaise area expects dry air and relative warmth for the rest of the week–at least compared to the US, where temperatures recently dipped below -20°C in some areas. CNN reported on the health and travel hazards this cold front posed, noting that Arctic temperatures and snow made appearances throughout most of the country.

Here in the Alps, however, we may be a little jealous (of the snow, not the cold). While the heliski areas are in great shape, the resorts could use more of the white stuff, especially in off-piste areas. There’s the possibility of a snow shower in L’Espace Killy on Sunday night, which could turn to rain as the temperatures stay between -5°C and zero on Monday. Les Trois Vallees need the cold to blow over from the States so that next week’s precipitation can bring us some fresh pow!

We simply can’t say it enough: the conditions over in Italy are far superior to those in France, with exclusively accessible heliski terrain that generic propecia in usa can’t be beat. Heliskiing is really the only way to go if you want to experience the best snow of your ski holiday and avoid the queues and spring-like snow that’s plaguing many resorts at the moment. You know where to find us!

What’s going on around the Savoie region this weekend? Over in Sainte Foy, the Wild Ride Cup is kicking off on Sunday, 12 January. Sponsored by our partners, Evolution 2, the Cup will feature a test tour on “a varied playground with 2000m downhill.”

Tonight, you can find a night carnival in Val d’Isere from 6pm; complete with ice sculptures, fire displays, and live music. In Meribel, Jack’s Bar is full of fun (as always) with the usual apres-ski. Check out the stand-up comedy tonight! Courchevel continues with its weekly tradition of night skiing on Verdons, so if you missed it this week, be sure to make it there next Wednesday. You get an idea of the ambience of the event from this photo…see you on the slopes at night!


Snow Report

The week is looking beautiful for both Les Trois Vallees and L’Espace Killy, with temperatures ranging from 0-10 and low wind gusts for the next few days. The conditions have been spring-like on the piste, and fun is aplenty in the powder! As we’ve been reiterating: heliskiing is accessible–and safe. We’ve had helicopters departing the 3 Vallees for a week. Our clients are enjoying the exclusive, excellent skiing and we are looking forward to another jam-packed week of heliskiing.

According to MeteoFrance, some precipitation is likely in the 3 Vallees on the 10th, so we’ll keep an eye out for that and update you later in the week. Likewise, generic propecia uk Tignes is set to get some snow in about 8 days, so keep your eyes peeled for those flakes and enjoy the bluebird days while they’re here.

Are you looking for a heli group to join? We might have a match for you! In the next few days, we have a spare seat worth €1,200 that we’re looking to fill. If you might be interested in the trip departing from Tignes, let us know! Send us an email or visit us during our apres-ski nights, including at Kudeta in Courchevel this evening.



Special Heliski Snow Report Update

Like we mentioned, we are aware of the potentially unstable snowpack and dangerous conditions affecting off-piste skiing that are being reported in the media. The base is still thin down to about 1600m, with the recent snowfall covering boulders and providing fresh cover in the majority of the ski areas in France.

In Valgrisenche, we have skied in excellent deep powder all week. The snow line is beautiful and our clients (and employees!) have made fresh tracks in top-notch conditions on all of our trips. The glaciers allow us to take long, uninterrupted runs, and there’s plenty of room for our helis to pick us up at the end of a ski-filled day! At the moment, our descents are measuring around 1800 vertical metres, and those are sure to increase with the snowfall we’re currently receiving.

Early next week, some of the VHS staff are flying to one of our other heliski areas, Courmeyeur, to get a first-hand look at the conditions and assess the stability of the snow. Our plan is to start taking trips to Courmeyeur next week, with the hope generic propecia no prescription that the snowpack will be more stable due to more snow, since this area is considerably more steep than Valgrisenche. If our high standards are met, we can’t wait to get our clients out there!

To get a visual of what the conditions are like, check out photographer Louisa Russell’s images from a heliski trip with Val Heliski clients last week: http://www.louisathruthelens.com/val-heli-ski.html. This is one of her photos, featuring a VHS client enjoying the perfect conditions in Valgrisenche:


In the meantime, we’re prudently selecting our heliski areas according to the highest safety standards, and we require our clients to wear fully equipped ABS packs, complete with a transceiver, probe, and shovel. Experience tells us which slopes are the most stable for the appropriate weather, and we are sticking to descents with a low gradient for the time being. The moderate temperatures have been lovely to ski in, and the abundance of light, fluffy powder is amazing. Next week is set to be an epic heliski week when we have two areas open for business. Stay tuned for more updates as the week progresses!

Is it safe to heliski now?

A very relevant question at the moment, especially with the recent increase in focus on skiing accidents in the media in the Savoie region of France.

However, we’ve been safely taking our clients up to Valgrisenche to heliski all week since the areas opened on Monday. We stick to low-gradient descents, which allow us to take full advantage of the gorgeous, plentiful powder–including a fresh 40cm yesterday and more to come over the weekend!

This, generic propecia coupled with the relative stability of the snowpack in Valgrisenche, makes it our preferred area for extreme skiing over France and other parts of Italy. The anticipated snowfall over the next few days will help stabilize the snowpack further and will result in a lower avalanche risk as the season goes on.

We plan on enjoying the extraordinary skiing conditions and won’t be putting a stop to heliskiing any time soon!

Snow Report: It’s Snowing!

We’re seeing snow for the second day in a row! It’s dumping in Les 3 Vallees today, and more snow is expected Saturday night and Sunday. Temperatures are hovering just above zero for the next few days at the summits, with Sunday looking to be the coldest as lows could reach -15. This is great news for resorts, as the base will see an increase with multiple days of snow.

Over in L’Espace Killy, buy cheap propecia 1mg  the five-day forecast calls for a 100% chance of white stuff on Saturday, which will leave the pistes in good shape post-holiday rush. It’s still a good idea to exercise caution when going off-piste, but those tree runs and out-of-bounds areas will also be better off after this snowy weekend.

Keep checking our website and social media for more updates! And here’s a taste of what we’ve been up to all week:IMG_3351


Snow Report: Perfect Heli Day!

The conditions were ideal for our heliski trips that went up today–check out that bluebird background!



The snow was carefully assessed yesterday for risk of avalanche due to the recent heavy snowfall in the Savoie; the results led to an epic heli day with our clients and staff. More buy propecia snow is expected later in the week. If you’re going off-piste, exercise caution as the unstable snowpack has led to several incidents in L’Espace Killy and Les Trois Vallees in recent days. And don’t forget–book with us for the most memorable adventure of your holiday!



Whiteout in Les 3 Vallees

Those powdery conditions we love so much have returned: yesterday the snow was bucketing down and the visibility was low, but that didn’t stop the VHS team from getting out there. The sun is back today, so start the weekend off right with some skiing and boarding!whiteout

Snow Report

If you celebrated the holiday by hitting the slopes yesterday, you might have spotted a few flakes at the summit. Thankfully, Christmas is lasting a little longer this year—snow is dumping on Les 3 Vallees and L’Espace Killy, with 28cm of fresh powder expected in both areas by the end of the day today.


The slopes were barely visible early this morning as we welcomed the first big snowfall in weeks.


The forecast looks like the weather will clear up tomorrow, with snow showers scattered over the next few days into early next week. This will help with the thin snowcover that has plagued well-traveled routes with a gravelly base and has left boulders uncovered off of the piste. Off-piste conditions should be improving generic valtrex with the steady snowfall, meaning more terrain will open up to accommodate the holiday crowds that have settled into resorts for the next two weeks. Be sure to book your off-piste guide with us for a brush-up day spent tackling those enticing runs!

Looking to add some variety to your ski holiday? Courchevel offers floodlit night skiing each Wednesday, so take advantage of this unique opportunity to ski under the stars! At last night’s kickoff, the resort proved why it has enjoyed a reputation as the “St. Tropez of winter sports.” Fireworks, a DJ, and many smartly-dressed resort-goers made for a spectacular Christmas evening.

Merry Christmas from the team at VHS! We hope you enjoy your powdery weekend!