Anyone can do it

It’s true that its not the cheapest day out you’ll ever go on, but from €299 per person for one drop (with some of our packages starting at as little as €99 per person) it’s an unforgettable day in a stunning, empty mountain location. It transports you back to a time when skiing was in its infancy, and you’ll be able to effortlessly glide through incredible snow. We believe that the price is within many skier and snowboarder’s means, and we see our heliskiing days as a fantastic rare treat. A day that you’ll always remember.

If you’re worried that you’ll slow up the group, or you’ll be unable to keep up with the pace, then please rest assured that our guides will tailor the day to your preference: it’s not a race to the bottom, generic propecia online it’s all about having fun in a beautiful environment. So whether you want to ski the easier terrains or do the more extreme routes, we’ve got every kind of skiing and snowboarding on our doorstep.

Lastly, many people still believe that heliskiing involves jumping out of a helicopter. We promise you, it doesn’t. Getting into and out of the helicopter is no more difficult than getting in and out of a large, family car. You won’t have to jump anywhere, you’ll simply be stepping out of this beautiful, wondrous machine; onto a wide, flat area near the summit of a perfectly-skiable mountain slope. Please read our FAQ page for more info, or have a look at our videos to see how this works in action

“Anyone can do it”

  1. Jeremy Rogers

    My best and oldest friend Mike gets married in 2016, and I am priveliged to be his Best Man.
    Mike and his family have been skiing in Val D’Isère at least once a year since the late 1970s, and as a young man Mike did Seasons in Val between 1997 and 2001(when I also did the Season with him), when he worked running the downstairs bar in Bananas for Ricky.
    With this shared-history in-mind, I feel it would only be right and proper to have a week in Val for his Stag Party, so please could you email me information about the Heliskiing packages you offer for 6-10 people, because we have often discussed going Heliskiing in Italy (as a result of our belief that it is illegal in France), but obviously we would much-rather do it in France, on the mountains we have yet to ski/board…
    Thank you 🙂

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